Magnificent Voyage
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The Miottel Collection: S.S. Normandie

In the evolution of the ocean liner, the ultimate state of the art is generally conceded to have been THE FRENCH LINE pre-WW2 flagship, SS NORMANDIE (SSN). In fact, SSN was recently selected as "OCEAN LINER OF THE CENTURY" by international vote conducted under the auspices of THE OCEAN LINER SOCIETY.

From SSN'S June 1935 record breaking maiden voyage until her final westbound crossing to New York on the eve of WW2 in August 1939, 80,000-ton, 160,000 HP turboelectric powered SSN served as an ultra-glamorous floating showcase for French art, culture, cuisine & technical prowess. The glorious career & tragic fate of this nautical paradigm constitute a telling metaphor for its era.

The Miottel Museum has the largest & most comprehensive aggregation of SSN related items in the world, everything from maiden voyage postage stamps to the stunning bronze and ebony GAVEAU grand piano from SSN's fabled CAFE GRILL.

Think champagne, caviar & dancing till dawn. Think intimate performances by JOSEPHINE BAKER & DIETRICH. Visualize your fellow passengers JIMMY STEWART, CHEVALIER, TOSCANINI or GABLE & LOMBARD there at the next table.

And the great liner knifes through the midnight sea.